Active job seekers have traditionally used recruitment agencies as their first port of call when job searching. Accordingly, organisations with job vacancies also came to rely upon recruitment agencies. Indeed, agency fees are a major part of most organisations' recruitment budgets.

Some justifications for this expensive relationship:

  • Access to a large pool of candidates;
  • Access to pre-screening services;
  • Reduced administrative overheads;
  • Expedience; and
  • Convenience.

From a job seeker's perspective, anonymity afforded by agencies is an often-cited reason for choosing this medium, as well as the perception that agencies have the greatest access to current information about job opportunities.

With the pace of technological change and in times of reduced organisational recruitment, potential employees are canvassing all options available to maximise their chances of finding and successfully obtaining a position of choice. Utilising this shift in environment is essential to best practice recruitment.