Technology without taxing your IT department

Traditionally IT projects require significant investment time from an organisation's IT department. Issues of platform selection, compatibility, development, acceptance testing, deployment, maintenance and support make any software purchase a major capital expense. With the advent of Application Service Providers (ASP), this has changed forever.

The ASP model offers unprecedented control over the vendor selection process for your HR departments. cvmail provides a contract service for hosting, deploying, managing and supporting software applications from a centrally managed facility. Clients access the software via the Internet using a web browser.

Further benefits include:

  • No need to hire additional, and expensive, technical staff
  • Technical support and maintenance are taken care of by cvmail
  • No up-front payments for software licenses and hardware
  • Immediate access to high-end applications you might otherwise
    not have the budget for
  • Guarantee of performance and uptime
  • Access to the latest upgrades at no cost to your organisation
  • Faster implementation - weeks instead of months
  • Best-practice security