cvmail have pioneered graduate online recruitment in Australia and the UK since 2000. We have developed unique technology around Graduate recruitment that runs in conjunction with the cvmail Graduate Portals in Australia, the UK and New Zealand.

Combining region specific academic data collection and bulk recruitment administration functionality, cvmail Graduate solution reduces labour costs by automating parts of the recruitment process. It allows you to eliminate data entry, shortlist and filter applicants quickly and easily on a variety of criteria, contact all applicants on bulk via email, forward applicants to review committees, schedule interviews automatically, keep track of all your applications and produce statistical performance and analytical reports instantly. Our Graduate solutions can be tailored to any industry or organisation.


cvmail ensures the needs of candidates are met. It is important that applicants have a positive experience when they apply to your firm.

Saves candidates core application data:

cvmail ensures that the application process is shorter and easier by saving candidates’ core application data in their secure cvmail account. This means:

  • Candidates only have to enter their contact details, education and academic results data once
  • The cvmail system automatically enters these details for candidates when they apply to any firm on the cvmail network
  • When candidates with a cvmail account apply online via your website, they only need to complete the sections of the application that are particular to your firm
  • Applicants can complete an application in more than one sitting as we allow applicants to save and exit
  • A record of an application can be kept by using our ‘save to PC’ feature

Helps candidates track their applications:

By using cvmail ‘Application Manager’, candidates are able to keep track of all applications to your firm as they are given a unique receipt number for all their applications.

Ensures candidates never miss an email:

cvmail Messenger on cvmail portals records all emails from you to candidates in their secure account. This ensures that all email correspondence is received.

Helps candidates schedule interview times (optional):

Applicants can now choose preferred interview times from a range of times allocated by you. Additionally, information about interviewers and interview structure can be provided directly to interviewees through the cvmail portals.