The fast pace of technological change has provided greater access to job-related information than ever before. With the proliferation of Internet job boards and job seeker resources, along with email and intranets, positions are easily and instantly accessible by both potential employees looking to your organisation, as well as current employees looking elsewhere.

An understanding of where people are looking, as well as how to attract & retain them most effectively, is imperative for best practice recruitment. Software systems, such as cvmail, capable of targeting both passive and active job seekers, are key to success.

In recent years there has been an emergence of software tools designed to assist with the recruitment process. However, organisations have found it difficult to find systems capable of handling the full spectrum of recruitment needs whilst being:

  • Flexible & customisable to the needs of the organisation;
  • Web-enabled and globally accessible;
  • User friendly;
  • Require only minimal training; and
  • Implemented in a matter of weeks, not months or years.

More than ever before, there are direct and instantaneous channels of communication between people, internal and external to your organisation.