cvmail Enterprise is a flexible, intuitive and comprehensive solution for streamlining and managing recruitment processes across the entire organisation. Enterprise is tailored to your business requirements and provides a user- friendly interface for job seekers, employees (via your intranet) and employment agencies.

cvmail Enterprise delivers workflow automation across all aspects of recruitment – everything from online requisitions approvals, applicant tracking and administration, interview scheduling, external job board integrations, to recruitment agency management and strategic reporting and process improvement.

You’ll bring recruitment management under your absolute control, while building a high-value talent pool that will help you find the perfect match for your organisation every time you need to hire. The cvmail system increases efficiencies and decreases costs in the recruitment process by automating and coordinating the management of vacancies, management of candidates, and building a bank of talent data for your organisation.


Agency Management: Recruitment agencies log into your cvmail Job Board – attached to your corporate website – using their own unique Username and Password. Agencies can create and manage their own profiles as well as easily supply candidates for Roles. Agencies submit candidates according to criteria and questions pre-set by the client. That means you’ll be able to tailor your submission process and choose which agencies you wish to engage with. Performance reports are available to highlight efficiency of both agencies and individual recruiters.

Corporate Branded Job Board: Easily manage applicant sources from your own "careers". Your corporate branding is very important and with cvmail it goes beyond the physical look and feel of your job board. Your branding also carries through to the applicant experience by providing candidates with a professional and reliable image about your company.

Talent Builder: The candidate’s personal information and CV are stored in the cvmail Talent Builder (database) and are time and date tagged to the relevant agency. There’s no confusion regarding where the candidate came from – duplicates are immediately identified and can be merged into a single applicant record. Agencies are notified automatically if they are supplying a candidate you already have on record. cvmail consultants will work with you on how to build and develop your talent pool.

Management Reporting: cvmail comes with a standard suite of management reports covering all aspects of the recruitment cycle. The reports are cleverly designed to allow you to create your own tailored reports as well as setup report subscriptions that can be emailed to you in various formats on a periodic basis. cvmail also provides other methods of exporting data that give you great flexibility to complete ad hoc reporting.